Eight Signs Your Cat Is Actually A Dog

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We are all familiar with the crazy antics our cats are prone to. Sure, they run around the house, push things around and make messes in general. But what if your cat actually doesn't behave like a cat at all? See here what we mean.
Kodi, the cat, demonstrates some rather un-feline like behavior in this fantastic clip.

Maybe he was a Labrador in a past life? Here are the telltale signs: He likes to go on walks. Sure, he is the one walking his owner, but we will let that slide because real dogs do that too. He growls like a dog if you get too close to his string. He pants as a tired dog would. He is not overly bright, which cannot be said for a real cat!

He recognizes his name when his owner calls him and comes over running, just like a puppy. He likes to play fetch and to retrieve things (sure, he recovers them to his lair, but come on, do we have to go into details?)

The most important proof that he is a dog in disguise is that Kodi never leaves his owner's side! A cat might go off on her own for a while, or the entire day, but Kodi here sticks to his loving owner every step of the way!

Does being a “cat person” or a “dog person”, or neither or both, reveal your true personality? These are completely different people and different personalities. A cat person enters into a longer contract since cats generally live longer than dogs. Is the cat owner someone you can trust for the long-haul commitment and quiet evenings at home? It’s worth saying that cat “owner” may be a misnomer since cats tend to own their people.

But, what happens when a cat has both personalities? Are you a cat person or a dog person? Kodi played with our minds with his puppy behavior. It left us confused, but still amazed by her unique character.

Shorty and Kodi are probably one of our favorite cats on Rumble. They always find a way to make us laugh, make us feel good and full of positive energy. They like hanging out with their buddy. They love to play around the house with him, eat cat food, and they even love exercising yoga with him!

What do you like Shorty and Kodi? Tell us below in our comment section!

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