Check Out This Beautiful Timelapse Footage Of A Flight To Carcassonne

Published November 23, 2016 17 Plays

Rumble / Time LapsesA timelapse flight from East Midlands (EMA) to Carcassonne (CCF) onboard Ryanair Boeing 737-800 EI-FOO, operating flight FR1612 on Friday May 20 2016.

Our journey begins at East Midlands, where we receive our route clearance to Carcassonne from East Midlands Tower, before pushing back and taxying out to runway 27. We depart to the west, making a left turn and heading down towards Brighton under the watch of London Control. Over the Channel we then contact Brest Control and eventually Bordeaux, as we are treated to great views of the coast both sides of the channel.

We commence our descent north of Toulouse, making a sharp left turn to approach Carcassonne. We call Carcassonne Tower and are given our unique approach clearance - to follow the instrument approach for runway 10, then to break off 2 miles out and fly a visual circuit over the beautiful city of Carcasonne at low level, touching down in the opposite direction to our initial approach. The runway is very short so we enjoy a fun landing with full reverse thrust, before backtracking and taxying to the stand.

Airline: Ryanair
Flight: FR1612
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 EI-FOO
From: East Midlands (EMA)
To: Carcassonne (CCF)
Departure: 12:02
Arrival: 14:39
Flight Time: 01:37
Seat: 3F
Flight Path:

Video taken from seat 3F