Car Waiting At Railway Crossing Has Honk-Off With Train

danknissan Published November 23, 2016 999,187 Plays

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageCommunication is key, they say, and the two heroes in this clip certainly did a good job at that!

We see the car slowly approaching a railway. The cars are waiting for the train to pass. As the train approaches, it honks the cars as it passes them, to signal its approach.

The dude in the red sports car decided to honk back and this is when the hilarity ensues. As the train gives a short honk, the car reciprocates. The train sends two short honks, so does the car. They keep at it for quite some time, back and forth with their signals, like they are the bestest pals in the whole world, long time no see.

The guy recording this is having a meltdown. He laughs like a hyena in his car, thinking it won't catch it. But the camera did catch his laugh, just like it did the radio show he was listening inside and the priceless conversation going on between Lightning McQueen and Thomas the Tank Engine! We wonder what Mr. Tow Mater thinks about this coded convo. He might be heartbroken.

We thank the dude who recorded this hilarious conversation for providing us with a good laugh, part from the honking and beeping and in good part for his priceless laughter! We bet the machinist had a good laugh as well, sitting in his big machine that only goes where the tracks take him...


  • danknissan, 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for 500,000 views - this is insane. Never thought this video would get this much attention. Really appreciate everyone that watched and I hope this video gave you a good laugh!

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