This Is Why You Don't Play Foolish Games At The Office!

Published November 22, 2016 37,909 Views

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThis classic game of leg pulling while on a rolling chair doesn't exactly end well for this lady. Watch her reaction when she falls off the chair as the colleague who is pulling her legs, literally, takes a sudden turn, resulting with her hitting the ground!

Who doesn't love a good office chair race? Well on this slow afternoon, these two coworkers thought that they would break up the boredom with a little office chair race! Needless to say, it didn’t go exactly as they planned and a hilarious fail ensues!

This pair of colleagues will teach you how not to play the game of rolling chair racing, and makes for one epic fail video, much to our amusement!

Dude is being all confident about winning the game of rolling chair race, while the lady is making herself comfortable on the chair, making sure that she holds on tight when the action starts rolling.

Moments later, the colleague starts pulling lady’s legs and hence moving the chair forward. As he walks further away to gain momentum, the guy makes a sudden turn to the left, not seeing what’s coming! Of course, resulting with the lady falling on the floor and him losing the game he was feeling so competitive about! Poor guy, maybe next time he will nail it!

This is where we are all reminded that there is such a thing as false confidence, because the dude underestimated the angle and the sharp turn the rolling chair has take. Instead of turning safely to the left, the guy makes a sudden, unexpected turn, resulting in one big epic fail. The rolling chair leans to the floor, grounding the lady with a soft landing, and losing the race!

We would probably fall off our chairs laughing, but so did the lady in this clip!