Man Bitten By Rattlesnake After Severing It's Head Off

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Published: November 22, 2016

On Sunday November 06, 2016 Kyle Watson, 38, A Spring Hill Firefighter Was Out On A Rural Trail Walking With His Wife And Kids. Kyle Came Up On A Juvenile Timber Rattlesnake And Wanted To Remove The Snake From The Path Away From Other Hikers. Kyle Severed The Snake's Head With A Oar, And When He Reached Down To Pick Up The Snake's Head It Bit Him. Within 10 sec, He Could Feel Burning, And Within 60 sec, He Was Unconscious And Fell Back And Hit His Head On A Rock. Kyle Was Air Lifted From The Location By Emergency Personnel To Vanderbilt Medical Center, And Put On A IV Drip Of Anti-Venom Serum.

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