Cute Bunny Really Loves Popcorn

indigoarundellPublished: November 21, 2016Updated: November 22, 2016194,938 views
Published: November 21, 2016Updated: November 22, 2016

You gotta be careful when you eat popcorn. We are not talking about a kernel getting stuck between your teeth, no. We are talking about how difficult it can be top stop yourself from downing the entire bucket, after you’ve had that first bite. The saltiness and the buttery goodness in your mouth can really present a challenge, even for those with extremely high self-control.

Your load of popcorn can be in danger from others as well, not just yourself. If you leave it unattended, or get distracted even for a very short while, someone might snatch it from right under your nose. It could be anybody, family, friend, or Buzz the bunny!

When Buzz was given his first taste of salty, buttery goodness, he couldn’t stop himself! All he wanted was to dive into his owner’s bowl and munch on that deliciousness! He looks like he’s struggling right now, but don’t be fooled, because he. Will. Be. Back!

When the video was first posted online, one social media user said that they too had a bunny which, when they would hear the popping of the kernels in the microwave, she would shake her cage, that’s how much the bunny wanted popcorn! We wouldn’t be surprised if other animals start catching up on the healthy food craze!

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