We Can All Relate To This Puppy Refusing To Get Out Of Bed

Published November 21, 2016 29,203 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesJust like humans, dogs require a satisfactory amount of beauty sleep to maintain maximum cuteness. What happens when dogs in deep repose are rudely awakened? Sometimes nothing and sometimes it is hilarious. Waking up is super hard for everyone including Remo the Bulldog. When you spend your days as an active doggy, it can be especially hard to wake up.

Remo the Bully loves to sleep. So, when the wake-up call arrives on his address, he waves his paws trying to signalize that the owner should move away and try to bother somebody else. Because when you are sleepy and you don’t feel like getting up any time soon, nagging will only worsen the situation. The more Remo is forbidden to sleep, the more he wants to sleep. Without even opening his eyes, this lazy dog pushes his owner's hand away as she tries to wake him up. It looks like someone wants to be left alone to sleep the day away.

As long as he is concerned he wants stay in bed, but his owner thinks otherwise. So when his human tries to awaken him, he just gently sends her off with his cute, white paws. But oh, my. His owner is so persistent and does not want to quit as long as she has achieved her only goal-waking up this sleeping beauty. She even tries to rub his face kindly but to no avail. This groggy doggie can’t be bothered to open his eyes.

Just five more minutes...and no, it is not going to happen. The world is too much today. This snoozing bully is picking his battles and waking up is one thing he is choosing to opt out of.