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This is the SECOND HALF of the 4 and 3/4 Hour DEFEATING THE DEMONIC Seminar held on Saturday, July 22, 2023 at The Heritage Hotel in Southbury, Connecticut. This is an intense event revealing how and why inhuman, diabolical entities weave their way into the lives of ordinary people and what can be done about it.

Join Host Jason McLeod - Demonolgist, Reverend Bill Bean - Deliverance Minister, Archbishop Ronald Feyl Enright - Exorcist, Bishop James Long - Exorcist and Archbishop James Cloud - Exorcist.


We are excited to invite you to view our event, but before you join us, we want to ensure that you are fully aware of the disturbing nature of the event and the seen and unforeseen risks associated with viewing it.

Please read the following disclaimer carefully:

Viewers waive any and all liability associated with their experience and any adverse reactions they may have while watching this video or after they have finished viewing it. Viewers hold harmless, JASON MCLEOD, JAMES LONG, BILL BEAN, RONALD FEYL-ENRIGHT, JAMES CLOUD, and any and all Staff and Volunteers, THE HERITAGE HOTEL and its Staff and Employees from any liability whatsoever. They agree to watch this video entirely at their own risk.

Not for the Faint of Heart: This event contains content that may be intense, thrilling, or emotionally challenging, including but not limited to first-hand testimony presented through discussion, audio, video recordings and or still images of a disturbing nature.

By viewing this event, you acknowledge that you have been advised that viewers should consider their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being before viewing this event.


By viewing this event, you acknowledge and agree that you are assuming all responsibility for your participation and any consequences that may arise from it.

By viewing this event, you acknowledge that the organizers, hosts, and any affiliated individuals or entities will not be held liable for any injury, mental, emotional or spiritual distress, loss, or damage that may occur before, during or after viewing this event.

Health and Safety Precautions:

While we take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of our attendees, it is essential for each individual to assess their own suitability for the event. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, mental or physical limitations, or concerns, please consult with a healthcare professional before viewing the event.

Age Restrictions:

The subject matter and presentations associated with this event may be unsuitable for minors or individuals under 18 years of age. Parents / Guardians assume all liability for any adverse reactions the child under 18 years of age.

By agreeing to take it upon myself to watch or view the event, I confirm that I have read and understand this disclaimer and voluntarily assume all risks associated with my participation. I also understand that if at any time I feel uncomfortable with any aspect of the event, I should turn off the recording and I should refrain from watching it further.

















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