Stray Dog Saved From Icy Pond By Heroic Stranger

Published November 18, 2016 49,481 Plays $135.36 earned

Rumble Winter conditions can be harsh on even the most resilient of animals. The cold temperatures can make our bodies shut down and we wouldn’t stand a chance against it. Some animals have a thick layer of fur to protect them, but sometimes even that isn’t enough. The cold, together with the icy pellets of snow has been a deadly combination for many animals, including humans. Just think of the dinosaurs and how their whole race went extinct when the Ice Age came. There is only one thing worse than the biting kiss of the cold, and that’s freezing temperatures when you are soaking wet. The water makes it appear even colder than it is and it lulls you in a state of hypothermia, faster than a bullet.

Thankfully, this poor pooch was rescued before it got that far. Filmed on November 7, 2016 in Kostroma, Russia, this footage shows us a stray pupper struggling to stay afloat in a frozen pond in the city’s center. His cries for help reached the ears of many passersby which gathered around but couldn’t do anything to help him. The ice had cracked in the middle of the pond, so the rescue mission was next to impossible.

Then, out of nowhere, an extremely heroic stranger decided to risk his own life and walk the distance to the pup. He undressed so he doesn’t get colder than necessary and helped the pooch slowly but surely stand his own four feet on the ice. The pupper then ran as far away from the pond as he could, not ever looking back. Phew, that was too close for comfort!