The Entire Fix Is In. The Timing Is Set For The Take Down Of Donald Trump

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7 months ago

The entire fix is in. The timing is set. There is a reason why the indictment in Manhattan and the document indictment in FL. and the J6 indictment in DC and then the GA indictment will be last.
Most of the base doesn’t want to vote on these machines. The Halderman report comes out and says that the machines are not secure. It sets back voter confidence, that is voter suppression. They know that the machine is a voter suppression that will keep the base out. They released Kemp after the Halderman report. Kemp hasn’t made a comment. Now he is doing all these interviews to look forward and not look back. That is for the GA ruling class. He alludes to that he will Support the nominee. You have several on the Kemp tema that are shifting over working on the DeSantis team. Now going to have the 4th indictment in GA. All the media will descend on GA. No pushback on the indictment of Trump in GA. This will be Donald Trump's last act if they can secure it.
We know Biden is corrupt. We know the Deep State. The impeachment inquiry is just noise. For the GOP whispers about government shutdown. There are 12 appropriations bills. Kevin McCarthy is going to want to lump them together with an omnibus bill. Biden will not get convicted or impeached.
Clip that may come back to haunt Joe: Video of Biden calling voter who asked about Hutner’s foreign business a Goddamn Liar resurfaces after $10M corruption claims emerged. Joe Biden lashed out at a voter during a campaign event in 2019 calling the man a damn liar after he asked the then-candidate about his son Hunter’s foreign business deals.
RFK Jr on BIden: “I think the issues that are not coming up are worrying enough that we really need a real investigation… these revelations where you had Burisma, which is a notoriously corrupt company that paid out, apparently, $10M to Hunter and his dad.”
They are determined to change your perception on how you feel on everything.
GOP’s crumbling case against Biden on crime, immigration and inflation.
They are going to say better, better, better and even though everything is higher than when he took office, it is down. They will tell you that is a record number of jobs, not it’s not. They will tell you that it is a record of the manufacturer, and it’s not. They have manipulated every number to make you believe that there are record numbers. They have not gotten anywhere close to the Trump economy.
Keep in mind that the Fed is expected to raise interest rates this week. We have not met the Trump economy to where the Fed feels comfortable to reduce the interest rate. The wealthy don’t pay interest. The Middle Class pays interest. The wealthy get paid interest. The perception is that things are not that great out there, and the reality is that until this stops things are not that great out there.

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