Brave 93-Year-Old Jokes With The Nurse While Getting His Flu Shot

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Published: November 17, 2016Updated: November 18, 2016

It just might be one of the scariest things that have to be done in a year - getting your flu shot. Those things sting like hellfire, which is one of the reasons why people hate needles in the first place.

People young and old have fainted even at the sight of the tiny needle coming out to prick them, which is understandable. There are those who need to be held for the shot, and then, there are those like this gentleman, who will fight their fear with some good, old fashioned humor!

Robin Walden took her 93-year-old dad to get his annual <a href="" target="_blank">flu shot</a> at the clinic. She says: “My 93-year-old dad is a practical joker and loves to harass the nurses whenever possible. He was being his usual funny self on this day receiving his flu shot."

The old man cringes when the nurse preps his shoulder for the shot. She’s being very nice about it, even counting down for him “One, two, boop!" and in goes the needle. He obviously didn’t feel the thing going in or out, because first he says “I know it’s gonna hurt!" with the needle already in. The <a href="" target="_blank">old man</a> then says "Did she stick her darn needle in me?", but the nurse has already done her job splendidly and he didn’t even feel it!

Oh man, we've never laughed harder!

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