BKP on Trump indictments, GA Call To Action, China, GA DOT Official Raise & more

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7 months ago

When you are on indictment watch you have to think about what is the plan to get rid of Trump. If some people have their way, GA will be the closer for Donald Trump.
Obama’s personal chef drowns while paddleboarding near the former president’s Martha’s Vineyard estate.
One thing we will have to do is lawyer up for the steal in 2024. Your local GA republican party needs to have an attorney ready and they are not cheap, that is ready. Call to Action: GA State Elections Board Meeting on Tuesday Aug 1st.
There is no in-depth discussion why Blinken, Kerry and now Kissinger went to china. BKP's opinion is that the whole China envoy is to work with China to surrender Ukraine.
GA transportation official gets another $100,000 raise. If they have your money, spend it. GA;s top transportation official will get his third $100K raise in recent years. The State Transportation Board last week gave notice that it intends to raise GA Department of Transportation Commissioner Russell McMurry’s annual pay to $550,000, that’s a 22% increase from his current pay of $450,000.
There is a lot going on in Israel. We will have the all star political panel will discuss on Friday.
We are not allowed to have a border in this country. Your children are at stake.

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