Friendly Dog Helps Firefighters Take Down A Damaged Tree

ViralHog Published November 15, 2016 6,276 Plays $10.86 earned

Rumble Without fear of sounding too cliché, from what we have seen so far, it seems firefighters are like utility knives. These brave men are capable of performing any kind of task with admirable professionalism - none is too small or too great for them. Other than doing what their namesake says, fighting fire’s blazing tongues, firefighters also help rescue people from car wrecks, save curious kittens that have climbed too far up a tree or even if they have fallen down a manhole.

Firefighters in Harderwijk, Netherlands, were called to safely take down a tree in someone’s front yard that was left damaged after a storm; another one on the list of tasks that these helpful individuals can take on. One of the men was cutting the tree down with a chainsaw, while a few others were tugging the tree to fall with the help of a rope.

Sure, they encountered some issues, but such is the job and they have to find the safest way to do it. About halfway into the work, the received some special, unsolicited help. A local walked by with their Boxer dog, who found the rope the men were tugging irresistible and decided to “assist" the firefighters in their job! Such a good boy!

Onlookers had a blast watching the dog play with the rope, even after the tree was laying flat on the road. We just hope that the Boxer didn’t take it home as a souvenir.