Labradoodle Puppy Stealing his Bag of Bones

WatsonLabradoodlePublished: November 15, 2016405 views
Published: November 15, 2016

This is Watson the Labradoodle stealing his Bone treats bag from the dining table.

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    JoKidd · 2 years ago

    Im sorry (I know that ads pay for the sites&things) but I sat thru an ad&then another version of an advertisment pops up across the bottom of the vision...Gghrrr...It really is not good to block off a bit of vision. Nor is it good enough to have to sit thru ads&then theres another ad!

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      MrsGinger · 2 years ago

      Hi Jo, thanks for your comment - that's really annoying I agree - I didn't even know they put ads on that way - on you tube I can control where I put ads and I never put ads in the middle of a video. I just joined yesterday so this is useful feedback. Thanks. Karen x