Tim Peeler's "Bigfoot Knobby" Encounter In The North Carolina Mountains

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Published: November 15, 2016

On June, 05, 2010, At 3:00 A.M. Tim Peeler Was Watching TV At Home When He Heard Coyotes Fighting In The Distance. Peeler Got His "Coyote Caller" Out And Tried To Call The Coyotes Up To The House. When He Called Them, He Saw Him. Peeler Saw What He Described Was A "Grunting And Screeching" 10' Tall Hairy Man, With "Six-Fingers" And "Six-Toes" And "Beautiful Hair". The Creature Went After His Two Female Dogs "In Heat", Locked Up In The Kennel, In The Back Yard. Peeler Fought The "Giant" And Ran It Off, But It Came Back A Second Time. This Time Peeler Shouted "Get, Get Outta, Hear" And Hit The Creature In The Stomach With A Large Stick". The Creature Ran Down A Path And Never Returned. Peeler Then "Called" 911. A Cleveland County Deputy Filed A "Suspious Person" Report And Investigated The Premises.

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