Never Trust a Cat

fredi11Published: November 14, 2016Updated: November 15, 20164,722 views
Published: November 14, 2016Updated: November 15, 2016

A dramatic video from China shows a cat jumping from the second floor of a hospital building once being reportedly stuck on a shelf for 3 days. within the footage, recorded in Jiangsu Province last year, the cat are often seen walking on the shelf looking for how down, before eventually creating the large leap to the bottom – miraculously running off. consistent with native reports police and firefighters had attended however been unable to urge the cat down.

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    missvirgule · 1 year ago

    Here is someone who doesn't like cats if he says "never trust" them :-( They're is any reason to distrust them but ALL the reasons to distrust a man (generic word of course)

    • 1 rumble
      BroncoBob · 1 year ago

      You're not very nice.

      • 1 rumble
        missvirgule · 1 year ago

        :-) remember there is people who don't know cat and, especially, who are stupid : "if it's written, it's true" "if it's on tv it's true" and "if someone who has a cat tells to don't trust a cat, it's true !". Me i didn't find very nice the "never trust a cat" ;-) (you know purrfectly well that's wrong)