Lazy dog enjoys himself in the pool

Published November 14, 2016 31,415 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe all know and love the Huskies. The Siberian variety are especially lovable, with their talkative nature and adorable playfulness. They are most in their element around snow, but they can also be amazing swimmers, being able to hunt their food in water.

But every rule has an exception and it appear that Cupid is one of them. Cupid was staying at a doggy day care and the owner, John Ambler, says that the Husky is actually a really good swimmer. Apparently, the fluffy doggo was actually feeling lees like swimming and more like casually floating in the pool.

“Both my wife and I shot this video while Cupid was staying at our exclusive dog kennel," Ambler wrote. “He was a real character and fooled us when we took off the life jacket. He swims like a fish."

With the temperatures rising steadily, we can't blame the fluff for wanting to take it slow. Swimming does feel awesome and it sure burns a lot of calories, but burning calories means radiating energy, which in turn makes you feel hotter. And you don't want to feel hotter at the pool, you just want to chill off, right?

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