Bulldog argues with owner about going down the stairs

Published November 14, 2016 62,534 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAren't we all a little lazy? Wouldn't it be awesome to have someone carry us everywhere instead of having to walk? Just imagine that for a second, you'd never have to walk up the stairs yourself again, only if the elevator is broken of course. Titon the English Bulldog barks at his owner as if to say, "Pick me up!" However, slowly but surely he'll eventually get down all on his own.

Most dog owners would do anything for their dogs, but when is enough enough? Titon made it all the way up the stairs with no problem, now it's up to him to make it all the way back down on his own. This little argument between Titon and his owner is adorable none the less.

Check out this Bulldog that doesn't want to go down the stairs on his own!


  • lanza130, 3 years ago

    Not cute. The bulldog is having GENUINE trouble getting down the stairs! His front legs are VERY bowed. It looks like it may be painful, but at the least he is scared he is going to fall.

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  • Maxine, 9 weeks ago

    I completely agree, that poor dog is scared and having to force himself to hop down the stairs cos his owner is to lazy to help him.

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