The "Altamaha-ha"...Georgia's Loch Ness Monster

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Rumble / Entertainment LifeThe "Altamaha-ha" Is A Legendary Lake Monster That Has Been Observed In The Myriad Small Streams, Channels, And Abandoned Rice Fields, Near The Mouth Of The Altamaha-ha River In South Eastern Georgia, United States. The "Strange, Looking Animal" Is Possibly Related To The "Loch Ness Monster". Eyewitnesses Are Wondering "What It Is" The Creature Is About 70' Long, With A "Strange, Snake, Like Head", "Long Neck", With "Two Large, Flippers" In The Front, "No Legs", A "Barrel Shaped" Body With A Long "Flat Tail" In The Back. Many People Have Also Reported Seeing "Humps" As Well As The Creature Leaving A "Wake" Behind It Like A Speedboat.