Incredible friendship between human and wild baby moose

rcerikasPublished: November 10, 2016Updated: November 11, 201627,014 plays$71.07 earned
Published: November 10, 2016Updated: November 11, 2016

About a year ago a surprisingly friendly moose calf (now named Emma) showed up at this person's farm. She loves to take baths in her pond, and now a year later nothing has changed! So cool!

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      pym · 2 years ago

      not good...she'll someday walk up to the wrong human armed with rifle

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        rcerikas · 2 years ago

        During open hunting season she is marked with paint and has a very loud bell. Every hunter in the area knows her and made a promise to bring her no harm. But you are right, there is a risk, 'cuz there still is someone who shot her mother during non hunting season.

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      DavidMcNab · 2 years ago

      The choice seems to be let her fend for herself or help her. I think that without a mother she didn't have a hope. This is her best chance, despite the risk. Well done and very amazing video!

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        rcerikas · 2 years ago

        Thank you. Sadly she was an orphan and wouldn't have lasted another day. First sight of her was heartbreaking.

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          xSapphireIcex · 2 years ago

          This video is absolutely beautiful, and I love the editing. You are wonderful for rescuing and taking care of her - all of you. She's the cutest thing! I just love Mooses! :) Good job, and best wishes for her continued safety and happiness! <3

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          randall · 1 year ago

          You did the best you could with a bad situation. She looks happy and healthy, good for you. I only hope the hunters have honored their word.

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      BroncoBob · 1 year ago

      I sincerely hope "Emma" grows up, matures, and has a family of her own, who knows how she will turn out. I thoroughly enjoyed the videos, here and another you posted. It would be heartbreaking if something happened like with her Mother. Good luck with your "extended family member", I'm sure you'll watch over her as much as possible.