Close Call at Intersection

Published November 8, 2016 49 Views

Rumble Occurred on November 1, 2016 / Intersection of Bellaire & Victory, Los Angeles, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was driving home from work when a driver going in the opposite direction suddenly turned left in front of moving traffic. Luckily the SUV he was about to hit had enough room to swerve out of the way. But then even after failing to yield to traffic and nearly causing a wreck, the guy pulls through the intersection slowly while blinking a flashlight at those of us he cut off. I don't understand what purpose the flashlight could serve at that point. Was it a "keep away" gesture? Was it just another way to piss off other people on the road? Was he doing a low budget version of police lights? Sadly, I couldn't catch his plates on video".

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