Cute Jack Russell Totally Loses It After Her Owner Mentions Squirrels

Published November 8, 2016 922,284 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesCallie, the energetic terrier, goes nuts at any mention of squirrels! Watch her entirely lose her grip after her owner induces her to an adorable squirrel frenzy! Of course, there was no squirrels present, but you get the idea.

Most dogs love a good squirrel hunt but chatty Callie gets worked up by just hearing her owner mention them! It should come to no surprise, as Shorty JRTs have been bred for the sole purpose of hunting small game, like foxes and badgers. They are just a bonus! But do not worry, no animal is harmed in the filming of this video. No other animal was even present at the time of the shooting.

Although tiny, Jack Russell Terrier dogs can be a real challenge to raise, especially if you are a busy working person. They need excessive amounts of exercise, and they have the inherent need to dig and chew everything in sight! If you are not the kind of person that could take on a puppy like the Shorty JRT, then you might want to consider a cat instead.

Nevertheless, this dog breed is prevalent and makes a great companion to lots of people that have the time (and energy), and is also great with kids. Plus, they look beyond adorable and are natural learners, which means that they can quickly pick up any trick you teach them.

Why does Shorty feels this way for the squirrels? Wow, look at Shorty how angry he got when his owner says squirrels. Do they have some beef? Did this squirrels steal some food from Shorty? Or is this some love-hate relationship? We wish we could found out and if possible help them to sort thing out, maybe they can be best friends, who knows!

However, this does not mean that this doggo wants to kill squirrels that says that dogs see other animals differently when they look at squirrels they see an opportunity to chase them. Don’t forget that there are a lot of animal friendships, who love to spend time together, play games together and even sleep together.

However, if you notice that your dog tends to be aggressive towards squirrels, please don’t let them hurt them! Put a bell on your dog’s collar, so every time he gets close to a squirrel, they will have time to react and run away!


  • bluedaisy, 2 years ago

    my small dog does the same thing at the mention of a cat lol . he is a shitzu /bichon

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  • jackt1961, 2 years ago

    Is he the sound effects for the Drifting movie cars?

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  • Robbiedobbie1963, 1 year ago

    Quit teasing your dog for internet likes. That sucks

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  • Fletch18, 1 year ago

    This was taken around 2009...Kallie passed a few years later. She LOVED squirells and cows

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