Dr Peter McCullough Reveals Three Natural Remedies (Base Spike Detox) and Key Spiritual Insights

11 months ago

This is Dr. Peter McCullough uncensored, and with characteristic clarity, addressing a faithful company of believers at the Freedom Has A Voice fundraiser dinner on Sunday, 23 July 2023.

Dr. McCullough shares three readily-available, over-the-counter, natural remedies — nattokinase, bromelain, curcumin — that together he is calling Base Spike Detox.

Dr. McCullough has a major publication accepted that will outline the rationale for Base Spike Detox and the data for its use.

Dr. McCullough also shares his keen spiritual insights into the war being waged on humanity.

Don't miss this powerful message from a man committed to truth and justice, and to helping his fellow man through these tumultuous, evil times.

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Love you all. Keep the faith. We win.

Dylan Oakley


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