Dead Bigfoot Carcass Found After Flooding, Bow River, Alberta, Canada

Published November 8, 2016 99,718 Views $310.08 earned

Rumble / Trending NewsIn July, 2013 A Hiker Came Up On A Rotting Bigfoot Carcass Along The Bow River In Alberta, Canada, Just Northwest Of Canmore, Alberta. A Paleontologist, Wally Johnson Conducted A Preliminary Site Examination Of The Remains, And It Appears That No Telling How Long It Had Been There. With The Massive Rains In June In The Area Which Washed Away Glaciers Of The Eastern Slopes Of The Canadian Rockies, They Speculate The Remains Could Have Been Frozen High In The Rockies For Years.Only The Recent Climate Events That Was Witnessed Earlier That Year Could Have Washed The Remains Down To The Banks Of The Bow River.

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