Curious hyena really wants to investigate camera

NataliaCaraPublished: November 7, 2016Updated: November 8, 2016414 plays$1.00 earned
Published: November 7, 2016Updated: November 8, 2016

A standoff between hidden camera and hyena, resulting in a cute reaction from the hyena's end. While waiting to be relocated to a wildlife reserve, this spotted hyena stays at a wildlife sanctuary in an enclosure that doesn't allow them to see people. It can't see the camera, but it knows there's something there and is torn between curiosity and caution. Watch it as adorably tries to act cool by sniffing something and biting a plant.

Animals do interesting things when no one's looking. This hyena send itself on a mission to find out more about what's over there, with "there" meaning the camera. After spending some time trying to investigate the hidden camera, it turns away and leaves, as it has taken too long to investigate and no longer peaks its interest.

The hyena is commonly known for its laugh as well as it's hunting ability, but who would've known that they also specialize in reconnaissance? That's something you won't learn in a textbook.

Check out this hyena investigate a hidden camera!

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