Funny sea lion wakes up, immediately breaks wind

SloggerVloggerPublished: November 7, 2016Updated: November 8, 201641,079 views
Published: November 7, 2016Updated: November 8, 2016

Everybody has to do what they gotta do sometimes. Although extremely cute, this sea lion is about to let out an assortment of bodily functions. His snot bubbles almost reach the camera! It is almost as though that he found his fart just as amusing as we all do. How hilarious! Sometimes you just can't keep it in anymore and it just slips out. How does the age old saying go, "better out than in"?

Chances are that this hilarious sea lion made your sides tickle at least just a little bit. Be sure to visit to watch other hilarious animal videos!

Check out this hilarious sea lion fart!

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