'Burping Cow Whisperer' Captivates Herd Of Cattle

Published November 5, 2016 1,207 Plays $2.87 earned

Rumble / Funny & WeirdAnimals are very unusual creatures. There are many different animals in this world, some of which we do not know a lot about. What we do know is that some animals are attracted to certain kinds of sounds. In this hilarious and unusual clip, it seems that this herd of cattle is attracted to this very unusual sound!

What happens when you burp in front of cows? THIS! When he begins belching as loud as he can across a field, all of the cattle in the area flock straight to him. They actually like it! Maybe it is the fact that that burp sounds a lot like the moo that the cows make.

Kudos to this guy. Sure, for most people burping is a gross action that they would not want to do in public, let alone post in on the internet, but this man seems to burp with a whole lot of confidence. You have to admit, his burps are pretty impressive!

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