Turns Out That Pet Pigs Are The Next Best Thing

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Published: November 2, 2016

While dogs and cats may still be the most popular choice for pets, there's a new and unusual type of pet that is slowly rising in popularity. It's the pet pig! Pet pigs are becoming more and more popular and these fifteen clips will convince you just why that is!

Probably not many of you will think of a cuddly little companion for your home when you hear the word “pig” being uttered. We usually associate pigs with breakfast and fair food and mud. That being said, we have yet so meet someone who has seen one of these ungulates and said: “That is my pet right there. I’m gonna call him Wilbur”.

But these 15 pigs are the best examples when it comes to demonstrating how fine a pet one pig can become. They will certainly keep you entertained, will make you laugh, and have their own way of getting into trouble. Whether it is raiding the fridge or burrowing into their bedding, watching these little piggies get into trouble is the best pastime one could ever want. Many of these pet pigs live indoors, and some are even treated like members of the family.

After watching this adorable compilation, we can’t help but exclaim out loud for the entire world to hear: WE WANT A PET PIG! Still, before you run out to the nearest pet store, looking for a Wilbur of your own, keep in mind that pig aren’t for everyone. Even miniature pig breeds, if not fed limited amounts of food, will grow substantially, making them unsuitable for your home.

They might be fun to own, but consider getting a cat first.

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