Large Amount Of Parasites Emerge From A Dead Crickets Body

Published November 1, 2016 455,363 Views $32.76 earned

Rumble / Weird ScienceEach and every one of us is afraid of something, whether it's the dark, small places or even bugs. This one scenario with the cricket will definitely make the majority of us quite uncomfortable, it doesn't matter what your fear is, this is creepy! After stepping on a cricket this guy was shocked to see what comes out of it. This reminds us of an alien movie! Why does it look like there are alien-like parasites seeping out of it, this is definitely not a welcoming sight to see!

It surprising to see that the cricket was able to live with these crazy parasites inside it before it got stepped on. Who knows how this happened but it doesn't seem too pleasant. Parasites are organisms that live inside the host and get its food from the host. It only benefits itself and not the host. Some parasitic diseases are treatable while other are sadly not. The parasites in this beetle don't look treatable, it took up the whole body of the cricket, crazy!

Check out this video of a cricket with alien-like parasites emerging from its body!

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