Rescued Kitten Can Only Sleep On Owner's Foot

Published November 1, 2016 639,730 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensHave you seen something so heart-gripping and tender and cute and everything in the same time? We haven't. This little kitty was found motherless, and the people who decided to take him in are just realizing its habits and behavior. The tinny kitty seems to love and heavily depend on s his new family, and so much that he has to snuggle up on his owner's foot. Too cute!

People always say that cats are independent as the rising sun. To this day, cats have retained their hunting skills, they are less dependent on humans, they know how to find alternative sources of food, while most of the modern breeds of dogs, getting into the wild, will not normally survive. However, this kitty is still too young to show the typical cat behavior. He still needs the warmth of his mommy who is forever gone. Tiny kitty had real luck in life that these loving people have taken him in and he knows where to find love and warmth. Yes, it might seem funny to us humans, but when the only thing you need in life is another being's tender touch, you cat find it even atop a foot size 6!

Look at the kitty going straight back to the woman's foot. Look at it assume a fetal position, as if saying: "Just let me rest for a while here. Here's safe and I have been through so much!" You can see how much the fluffy white-and-yellow kitty misses his mom by the way he is kneading the lady's sock and her skin and that claw might be still baby claw but is as sharp as in a fully-grown cat. Real cat lovers know well how much it hurts! The owner is not placing kitty aside because of the pain, she is only wondering why he behaves like this. And we do know. He only needs love.

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This is the heartwarming moment when a stray feline shows genuine gratitude towards his rescuer by rubbing his tiny face against his human’s face. Emotional footage shows the adorable cat riding in the front seat of a car next to a woman, and showing genuine affection towards his new owner. Cuteness overload!

Watch the emotional clip when a rescued feline cannot stop showing gratitude towards the lady who rescued him. Despite being alone for so long, the adorable cat sure knows how to show love and affection to the human who saved him! Prepare your tissues, this one is a tear-jerker!

Luckily, this lady captured the cat’s affection on camera for us to witness how grateful felines are when they truly appreciate something. Apparently, they are eager to receive affection and show gratitude. How lovely! Watching the way this cat communicated with his rescuer breaks our hearts. The sole fact that there are countless examples of neglected cats who are dying out of starvation and dehydration, makes us want to try and save as many stray animals as we possibly can.