Rescued Dog Found with Two Bullets Inside Him. Former Miami Area Police Chief Charged in Crimes.

Published November 1, 2016 152 Views

Rumble / Trending NewsTo what extent will a police department go to protect their own?
John and Jane are two dogs that were seized from their owners home. Many people had observed the deplorable condition of these dogs and reported them to Miami Dade Animal Services.
A rescue person who visits the shelter regularly posted on Facebook a video of these dogs. Dezzys Second Chance Rescue was the only local rescue to take these dogs into their ranch and help nurse them back to health. X-rays showed that John had two bullets still in his body. Both dogs still face more surgeries in the future.
The police department for the city in which the dogs lived refused to grant an arrest warrant on the owner. Why did they refuse? Are they trying to protect someone? Maybe one of their own?
The State Attorney overrode this decision and granted a warrant. Many details of these dogs and their previous owner remain confidential due to a pending criminal trial. These dogs need justice. This dangerous person needs to be held up to the law and punished.
Dezzys Second Chance Rescue is responsible for the care and the total cost of medical bills for these dogs. Please consider donating by going to their website.
Make sure to share this video with everyone so we can let law enforcement know that they can not cover up and protect the person who abused these loving dogs.