Hen Lays Rare Gigantic Egg For Halloween

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Published: October 31, 2016

This gigantic egg was found on October 31, 2016 in Bozeman, Montana, USA. This family decided to celebrate Hallowing by cracking the rare gigantic egg open and see what is inside.

On Halloween, Ryan B. and his kids brought in the eggs from the hen house and noticed one was over twice the normal size. They were puzzled and decided to record the egg-cracking process, while speculating what was inside.

Tension rises as kids start guessing the number of yolks. Is it one, is it two, or maybe is it a baby chicken inside. Well, they don't have roosters so that is unlikely.

However, when they finally cracked the egg open, it turned out that it was a three-yolker egg which is extremely rare. Don't scare your chickens away, says Ryan.

Happy Halloween, says the hen that laid this pretty spooky egg, probably two to three times the size or a normal egg and it would have been baby chicken triplets.

Kinds cheer with excitement in the background and are mesmerized with the content of their Halloween egg. Nice story to tell their friends and a good start of the spooky celebration. Some carve pumpkins to hollow the inside and others crack eggs to find them full on the inside.

If you thought this was spooky indeed, you should check this video that shows the inception of eggs, i.e. one egg set foot in another egg. Amazing!

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