Lost And Hungry Baby Squirrel Enjoys The Taste Of Walnut

Published October 31, 2016 1,328 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA baby squirrel has fallen out of its nest, he doesn’t know where his mom and dad are and he is feeling lost. It’s relieving that he happens to arrive in front of these good people’s porch and their love for animals is what saves him. He is climbing up the wooden stairs and though he looks scruffy and abandoned, he is nevertheless one quite squirrel. Being so little as he is, he feels unsure of climbing up the staircase - it’s a totally different environment from what he is used to. What is more, his mom and dad are not there to help him, so he is left to his own devices. He has to climb the stairs himself and get that delicious walnut. He needs nutrients to regain his strength and be that jolly squirrel he used to be.

The squirrel is so confused, he doesn’t know which way to take, is it up or down but animals have a way of getting around nature because that is what they do. Finally, he pops up the stairwell and reaches the destination where he’ll get his treat. Treats come in all shapes and sizes and this one is a nimbly tasty walnut. At first, he hesitates around the nut but once he tastes it, we are sure that he will eat it until the last crumble. He looks innocently cute with the walnut in his tiny little hands. He eats it with such a zest that it makes our mouth water.

We really hope this little guy makes it and reunites with his family again!