Ghost Ship Appears On The Waters Of Lake Superior

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Rumble A mysterious footage of a ghost ship sailing was caught just off the shores of Lake Superior during a raging storm. Although the ship spotted in the distance seems to be battling rough waves quite well, since it was built to withstand this kind of weather, its appearance is really disturbing!

This footage comes to us almost right on time for Halloween! A ghost-like apparition of a ship was spotted in the waters of the world’s largest freshwater lake, like a mirage on a hot summer’s day. These ghost ship sightings are a pretty-much-never in a lifetime experience, but it just must’ve been Jacob Asselin’s lucky day. Jacob spotted the eerie-looking vessel while he was sailing just off the shores of Lake Superior and uploaded the video YouTube. He wrote the following description along with it:

"Saturday evening, Oct 8, 2016, far off coast from Marquette, Michigan appeared this mysterious ship that had to be gigantic! I was filming a music video of Nashville recording artist Kevin B Klein playing his new song "My Michigan" and we wanted to see the sunset before a long drive that evening." The hazy blur of what the netizens jokingly call the Flying Dutchman has set the internet ablaze. Jacob says that he isn’t sure what he was seeing in the blurry distance and, to be honest, neither can anyone else.

Haunted ship sightings aren't unheard of in the region. There are more than 6,000 known shipwrecks in all of the Great Lakes, and more than 200 just in the 80-mile stretch of Lake Superior off Whitefish Point, not far from where Jacob was shooting the video. According to Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum Executive Director Bruce Lynn: "If there was a ghost ship sighting, this would be the place for it."

Mystery, fear, enigma encompass the seafaring ghost ships’, or phantom ships’ tales that have been passed around throughout centuries by sailors, anglers and others. These mysterious ships are fantasized as spectral phantasms that materialize in the middle of the sea and disappear quickly, which is apparently a bad omen. In addition, abandoned ships, which are found adrift, left desolated under fearsome and cryptic circumstances, are also included in this category.

Albeit these all being marine legends and sometimes lacking authenticity, some of these haunted ships continue to provoke speculation and fearful anticipation. Many of the mysterious ghost ships of the maritime world that would surely give you an eerie feeling and goosebumps. Tales of ghost ships are legion and have had a particular hold on the public imagination - even causing some to cling to strange sailor superstitions - down the years. Most involve the absence of crew, thus heightening the mystery, though there are instances where some poor souls are aboard and there is no apparent reason for their untimely demise.

When travelling by ship at rough sea, you never know what to expect. This dramatic footage of a ship travelling 100 miles out at sea shows us what it's like to be on a large ship during a major storm. The video, filmed during Storm Gertrude from the bridge of a ship on January 29, shows powerful surges of water crashing against the vessel as it rocks and sways over the waves. You can even hear the ship creaking under the weight of the storm.

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  • hughmcc, 3 years ago

    That didn't really look like a ship to me. Could that be something like an optical illusion or mirage where temperature, pressure,location, etc. allows the atmosphere to act as a lens that carries an image of the top of a tall building/industrial facility and stack/tower many, many miles?

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  • jackt1961, 2 years ago

    That is that research vessel that sinks it's bow into the water and stands up vertically. Not sure if it is looking for oil or what.

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  • Rod, 2 years ago

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  • dithevampire, 2 years ago

    looks like an oil platform

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  • Vjb2017, 2 years ago

    Its the black pearl & Capt Jack

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  • 2110, 2 years ago

    It looks like a ship's sinking tail 1st

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  • 19photodawg46, 2 years ago

    Easy one, that's a floating drilling/production platform. If it was moving, it could be being towed, or some are self propelled. I have helped design many platforms of different design. In the past, they used to have what is called a Jacket, that was a huge structure that sat on the ocean floor, and the platform sat on top of that. In those days, there was a platform for drilling, and one different one for production. The drilling platform had to be removed before the production platform was installed. These days, they are usually a single platform, designed to do both. Also, all modern platforms float, and either anchored to the sea bed, or have propeller stabilizers, to keep then stationary.

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  • Bruce1955, 2 years ago

    This doesn't really look like a ship to me. My guess would have been the Edmund Fitzgerald

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  • Mate1, 2 years ago

    I am a 1st mate on the Great Lakes. I have seen this many times. It is a ship, but the atmospheric conditions have distorted what you are seeing. Usually this happens during hot hazy days.

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