Lupine the dog tucks herself into bed every night!

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Published: October 28, 2016

Lupine is so smart! She tucks herself in at bedtime without anyones help! She is determined to get under the sheets, no matter what it takes! She is a very friendly shelter dog. Just watching this makes your heart melt. How could you resist any puppy dog face she makes?

The more time dogs spend with humans, the more they start to catch onto human behaviour. Dogs provide so much for our society. They are involved in many different tasks, including helping in the military, assisting police and even helping handicapped individuals. They are always there to be a best friend when you need one. Dogs consume all sorts of different types of food, including vegetables and grains, as well as meat.

All dogs love a good place to nap, why not give them a cozy place to sleep? Check out some of these dog beds They need their beauty sleep!

Check out more on Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA Facebook page: Credit to 'Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA'

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