Spoiled Feline Examines Her New Princess Bed

cyura0507Published: October 28, 201610,249 views
Published: October 28, 2016

A funny video has emerged of a royal kitten exploring her new princess bed! This pampered kitty is living the good life as she gets cozy on her makeshift bed of glitter. Too cute!

Cats like to experience new sensations and set foot in unknown territories. They often look for cozy hiding spots around the household, so furniture that offers them such places can be a great option for your feline pet. Footage shows one curious cat enjoying its new royal bed, much to our delight! Funny and cute!

Sometimes, we all want to hide away in our safe spot and this cute kitty is no different. The feline had enough of the world for one day and decided to rest on her princess bed. Now that’s what we call the ultimate girlie cave!

Kittens are very playful and extremely interested in all new things. When the kitten first arrives in the new home, it is not strange that the owner wants to spoil it and goes out buying all kinds of specialized cat accessories. The fact that many times those fancy gadgets turn out to be much more interesting to humans than to cats is a subject for a different story – well-known example of a cat much more interested in the box in which his new gadget was packed than for the gadget itself.

In this video you can see a young kitten enjoying the delights of its new princess bed. Her reaction to this strange looking cat accessory is quite endearing. Fortunately, the cat gets used to this strange looking crib quickly, and starts using it for what it is intended for. Cats don’t trust new things and never sleep in places where they don’t feel comfortable in, but once they get used to the new object, they will feel fine to use it as one of their favorite playgrounds.

Kittens learn through playing so it is not a surprise when they see everything as an exciting new toy. It is so cute to watch this curious cat rush into its new castle, hiding from owners in the new cozy bed, making it look like she is a princess! It is no wonder that this cat is eager to sleep in this strange looking new bed but he sure loves to play with it! Funny and cute!

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