Mother moves family into tiny (260-square-foot) home after husband's death

Welcome to Alysha's "tiny house" in Red Bluff, CA.

When her husband died tragically, struck down by cancer in his early 30's after working on U.S. Air Force weaponry, young mother Alysha St. Germain decided to adopt a lifestyle that she only had contemplated in theory up until that point. She was already concerned by how cumbersome owning too much stuff and owing too much money could be, but faced suddenly with the obligation to raise her two young children alone, she decided to adopt a lifestyle of reduced spending, reduced waste and conscious living. She bought a tiny house -- built by architect Todd Miller from Eugene, Oregon (who will also be featured in this series) -- and committed to shedding all the possessions she felt she didn't really need. Alysha is now renting her family's former residence for income and along with the tiny house her two children adore, what she also bought is time and freedom to pursue the things in life that truly matter to her, while giving the planet a break at the same time.

Credit: Respectful Revolution


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