Puppy Mill Survivor Goes Through Incredible Transformation

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Published: October 26, 2016

Dreadlocks may be a cool accessory to anyone who feels like their soul should have been reincarnated on Jamaica, but they mean puri cruelty when found on a dog. That is the exact situation that four Cocker Spaniels were found in, when a rescue organization called National Mill Dog Rescue group rescued them from a puppy mill in Missouri.

One of the four survivors was Joel, obviously a luscious chocolate brown shade Spaniel, but filthy dreads were hanging from his body, sun damaged mats covering his face and ears.

In this clip provided by the organization, their founder Theresa Strader is holding a female Cocker Spaniel, saved under similar conditions two weeks prior, saying: “I would have to imagine that whoever’s loving her puppies right now certainly would not love to know that this is their mother, and this is the price she’s paying so they could buy their puppy."

After getting rid of the dismal existence the dogs were in, they were each given the full treatment at the National Mill Dog Rescue group kennel. The star of the show is gorgeous Joel, as he gets his first grooming session in years. The astonishing before and after stills of the chocolate brown Cocker show the emerging of a sweet and beautiful pup, waiting under those heavy mats of fur.

Credit to National Mill Dog Rescue


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