The Noise Coming From Under Her Porch Was Actually A Bunch Of Furry Dinner Guests

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Published: October 26, 2016

Disney might want you to think that raccoons are just cute little helpers that braid your hair and bring you stuff, but in reality, these masked bandits can be the nuisance you never knew you didn’t need in your life. They are mostly gatherers, rummaging through the wilderness for food, but with the ever growing human population, these clever tricksters know that there will always be food in the trash bin.

When this family in Gelendzhik, Russia first heard strange noises coming from under their front door deck, they were probably scared out of their minds to check out what it is. All that clawing and those awful screeches… But in the truest Russian way, they were relieved to find out it is just a pack of hungry raccoons! What a relief.

There is, however, one thing that you should always have in mind when considering feeding wild animals near your house. If wild raccoons are frequent guests in your backyard, feeding them can be a highly rewarding experience. Watching them munch on the feast you serve can be tireless entertainment, to witness their antics. But since they can be a nuisance, you should take proper precautions as well.

By all means, do not let them associate your own house with the food they receive. You might get tempted to leave food out on your porch or in front of your door. Just remember that raccoons are adventurous animals, some more than other individuals and they might see this as an invitation to discover what other treats your house might offer!

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