Pregnant Dog Got Hit By A Car, Went Into Labor The Moment She Was Rescued

7 years ago

This brave mother stood her ground, even though she was severely injured by a reckless human. Lucky for her, not all humans are like that.

Trin was heavily pregnant when she got hit by a car on the street. The driver ran away, but one man witnessed the whole ordeal and couldn’t let the unfortunate dog whither away on the street. The scared female ran away, but the hero didn’t give up on his search to find and take care of the dog.

He eventually found her on a construction site, holed up in a concrete pipe. That is when Trin’s hero saw the severity of her problems - the dog had gone into labor.

The savior called the Soi Dog shelter, because it had been evident that the mother will need some serious surgery. After delivering her litter of five adorable puppies, the vets at the shelter came to the conclusion that one of Trin’s hind legs is badly broken and will have to be amputated. The Soi Dog staff took excellent care of Trin’s puppies until the mother recuperated.

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