Small Monkey Tries To Wake Cat

AFVPublished: October 25, 2016169,669 views
Published: October 25, 2016

Poor little monkey must be feeling so lonely. The cat is sleeping so soundly, but monkey wants to play, so she’s trying with all her might to wake her up. So she’s pulling, poking, biting, jumping on that cat like there’s no tomorrow, but the cat is having none of it.

If we were to ask this cat about what she was feeling at this time, it wouldn’t surprise us if she said that she thought the monkey was giving her a massage. A very pokey, bitey, jumpy massage, but she will take what she gets.

These little cross-species friendships are always adorable to watch. The ones who are the most precious are pairs of natural enemies that have grown to see each other as siblings. So sweet!

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