Husky can't hold back excitement upon owner's return

Published October 25, 2016 72,733 Views $124.77 earned

All dog owners know the moment when someone is at the door before they even get there. It usually starts off with your dog bolting to the door, paired with non-stop barking until the person comes into the house. Another thing that dog owners know is how attached they can be to their owners. Sometimes it is an inseparable bond. You can only imagine what happens when you return to your dogs when being away from them for a period of time.

2-year-old Chrono has a very special attachment to his owner. You won't believe how happy he is to see her the second she walks in the door after being away for some time. Watch as Chrono bounces around and gets extremely excited to see his owner. They call it puppy love. You can just tell how close these two are to one another. Priceless!

How adorable is this reaction? You can only imagine how special the following moments were when these two spent some more time together! Be sure to visit to get your daily dose of cuteness!

Check out this awesome reaction from a dog when his owner returns.

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