Rescuers were shocked after learning dog had given birth to 9 puppies

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Published: October 24, 2016

After several weeks of trying to catch an elusive stray dog named Norah, we finally caught her on 3/26 and were surprised to learn she had given birth to 9 puppies a few days earlier. The entire family is in the care of TMHPR and will be adopted out once they're fuly vetted and ready to go to their forever families. Please visit to learn more about our rescue group, adoption process or to donate. Credit to 'Take Me Home Pet Rescue'.

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      MaidenF · 42 weeks ago

      Whoever creates these titles..please stop saying "for the first time ever"...having a home..being petted...being shown kindness..These poor animals have histories that are unknown. Many could have had loving homes, but ended up separated by a move, an open gate..or yeah...bad things too, no doubt. I'm saying, a feral animal could take yrs before tolerating human touch. Most of these animals have been more receptive in a very short time. Most importantly, I hope they've all found loving forever homes. Thank you all so muchbfor your dedication to protecting the innocent. 💜

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      titansrst · 29 weeks ago

      years? thousands of people watchd this stray and some fed her, yet noone could o beyond that to find a no-kill shelter or forevr home? People suck and that was before we elected that buffoon as president.