Baby Screams With Excitement While Taking Very First Steps

asmithPublished: October 22, 2016Updated: October 26, 201668,637 views
Published: October 22, 2016Updated: October 26, 2016

There comes a special time in every parent's life when their precious baby takes its first steps. It's a huge milestone and a very important moment for everyone which in some cultures is even celebrated by baking tiny cookies in the shape of baby feet.

While it's understandable for the parents to be happy about their child taking its first steps (because they'll be the ones remembering that), this little boy couldn't contain his happiness too. That's why he starts screaming while walking all excited and clumsy. It's a bit sad that he won't be able to remember this experience, but luckily his parents got the whole ordeal on tape and they can show it to him when he's a bit older.

That's the beautiful thing about children - they get excited over almost anything and they light up the room with their giggly presence. Kids truly are a gift and they make our lives wonderful most of the time. Sometimes they can be a bit rowdy or annoyed, so they throw the well known and much dreaded temper tantrums. We sure don't want to be in the same room as a kid throwing an epic tantrum.

You have to admit though, despite all the tantrums and misbehaving, children are a blessing and a miracle. We're so happy about this precious little boy!

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      brenmichelle ยท 1 year ago

      This is hilarious!! A total meme for..."dude I am killin it!" LOL :)