Baby Furious At Dog For Stealing His Cookie

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A baby puts in a ton of hard work and effort to get a cookie from the cupboard only to have it snatched away by the family dog. Sometimes life isn't fair!

Sometimes life is not fair! In this video, we can see a baby who does a lot of hard work and effort to get a cookie from the cupboard just for the family dog ​to take it.

The video shows a baby anxious to eat a cookie. The little baby well knows where the cookies are kept Go! it seems that his parents know that this baby is a sweet tooth; because the cupboard has an insurance that fortunately is not baby proof since even so the baby can put his little hands to get a cookie.

He spends a lot of time and the baby does not manage to grab any cracker from the cupboard; but he knows that the cookies are there and with his hands he feels the packaging and his sound does nothing but alter the baby and he starts to despair because he can not reach a cookie ¡Parents stop recording me and help me!

The baby looks very determined to earn his cookie. With a lot of effort and after so much insistence he pulls the package of the cookies and breaks it; in that same moment he manages to take one out through the small hole but the baby has not even noticed that a cookie fell to the floor, quickly the family dog ​​came and ate the cookie but the baby did not notice because he was distracted seeing the piece of biscuit packaging that broke, as hypnotized by knowing he is close to finding the cookies because he has the evidence in his hands. What a funny baby! and go! the dog is all a bandit for eating the cookie of the little baby. A quiet dog that no one will tell the baby but do not do it again, okay?

After the unsuccessful attempt, the baby seems to be getting angry and even crying but still firm in the search for his cookie Oh, he has managed to get a cookie! but it has fallen to the floor again and the dog ate it again for the second time. This time the baby did notice that the dog has removed his cookie which cost him so much to obtain. The baby gets very angry and starts to cry because the dog ate his biscuit, he got really annoyed (and he does not know that it is the second biscuit that the dog has eaten)

Then it seems that the dog calls a herd of dogs; as saying Come! The baby is handing out cookies for everyone! All this happens when the baby cries. It seems that nobody takes seriously that this baby is very angry and really needs a cookie urgently.

At that same moment, the baby notices that a cookie has been trapped in the cupboard door and decides to take it out as if making a last attempt to have a cookie and ... He succeeds! If that is! Congratulations baby you already have your cookie. This little one is holding the biscuit very strong with his hand so that he does not fall, I do not think anyone in the world can take away that biscuit he won with so much effort and he knows it. Finally, the little boy sits on the floor to eat his biscuit, a bit resentful but happy.

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