Kid Scares Siblings With A Clever Prank And It's Hilarious

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Published: October 20, 2016

Are you a shameless prankster whose always on the lookout for funny pranks to use on friends? Or perhaps you're sick of being the relentless victim of someone who is and are finally on the prowl for antics you can use to enact your revenge? Either way, you've come to the right place, for here you'll find this funny prank video that will leave you with plenty of hysterically cruel ideas you totally didn't hear from us. A lot of the time, whenever one sees a video of a prank within a family, it’s usually the parents pranking the kids. Well, not this one!

It's all about tricking the eye and deceiving the mind! This smart kid pulled a fast one on his two younger siblings when he fooled them into thinking that he was able to stick a straw through his chin! These adorable little boys were so shocked, they couldn't help but go get their dad! Pranks used to be harmless, like pulling a chair from under someone or sticking a note on someone’s back. Nowadays pranksters have to keep up by coming up with elaborate schemes and engaging a multitude of props.

Pranks can become dangerous if not thought out properly. Luckily for these little brothers, the older one thought of the perfect prank, one that will throw them off their rails but end up giving them a good laugh!

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