This Guy Went Out And Reclaimed The Armrest

ViralHogPublished: October 20, 201628,373 plays$100.48 earned
Published: October 20, 2016

Traveling can be a hustle but also a joy after you get all you traveling affairs in order. The long hours of organizing and planing can certainly take it out of, but at the end of the day, the planing goes toward spending some time soaking in the sun and enjoying the beautiful beaches and so all of the difficulty will just fade away.

Once you have settled with all the travelling arrangements, you can proceed with thinking about travelling to your location. Now, here is where this video steps in. Why not get your moneys worth when travelling any where in that world. This video taken by this guy is just the frustration we all feel when someone feels as if their name is written on the shared arm rest.

This is actual feedback from the licensor' "The passenger next to me kept hogging the arm rest and did not allow me to place my arm on it. The flight attendants should go over arm rest etiquette on every flight. I think we need to start an arm rest challenge across the nation."

This guy takes you through a couple of sentences explaining the situation while the the airplane bathroom. It's obvious he has had enough and he is taking steps to fixing this issue. He feels very strong as to knowing our limits and boundaries. His action once he gets back to the seat is somewhat funny and the other guys reaction is just puzzled. Take a look and be the judge yourself.

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