Cows Jump For Joy After Seeing Sky For The First Time In 6 Months

7 years ago

Winter is more than just a season. It’s the time of the year where the cold and the snow make us want to cocoon in our secret hideaway and drink our favorite cup of tea. So why would it be any different for our domesticated friends? But they say after the rain comes the rainbow, so after the winter comes the beautiful spring.

Winter can be hard animals too. Winters on the farms can be cruel! Amid one especially hard winter, these cows were maintained inside in control to shield them from the components. Keeping domesticated animals inside can protect them from the harsh temperatures and keeping them away from the cold to protect them is the best thing to do for them in winter. Check out these cows and their priceless reaction after being inside the barn for six months!

Cows, for the first time in 6 months, enjoy the beautiful sky and the wonderful grass. These big babies act like puppies running to play outside for the very first time! Not to worry, they weren't abused – they just had to be kept indoors because of the long and cold winter. The Nordic winter months can be quite brutal, so restricting one’s livestock to be indoors only crucial to prevent loses and accidents. There may not be green grass or room to play, but at least they are safe.

Then, one beautiful sunny day they got to go out and frolic around the green grass, soaking up the sun and just be carefree. The happiness can be seen clearly in the way they behave, and it's always sweet to see a bunch of happy cows.

Watch as they happily skip out to the grass, realizing that spring has come and the beautiful walks on the grass are just beginning. It's very important to keep cows happy, because many scientists back up the notion that happy cows are healthy cows. And healthy cows give us healthy and better-tasting milk.

These happy ladies even had an audience that was even happier when they saw cheerful beings. People were taking pictures and filming them, so that they can share this particular moment with their friends and brighten their day. Just take a look at this fantastic moment. Such a cuteness overload!

This is the moment these cows are let outside again having spent the winter in a barn. They are kept indoors for warmth and food as the grass in the fields stops regrowing over winter! Such a joyful moment for them!

Credit to 'Omrop Fryslân'

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