Pooch Fights Kibble Stuck On His Back, Kibble Wins In The End

Lucacri Published October 18, 2016 1,545 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are silly, we have to give them that. No matter if they are the butchest breed in the world or something tiny and lovable like this Maltese poodle; when they can’t figure out their way around things, it is like the dog’s central processor breaks down and they behave like raging lunatics! Just kidding, but they are still infectiously adorable to watch.

Take Jack the Maltese here. See, Jack is having some issues with his kibble, specifically the one piece that is stuck on the fur on his back. All Jack knows is that that piece of delicious kibble needs to get off his fur and in his mouth. What can a dog do, lacking opposable thumbs, to get something that is beyond his reach?

Of course, he will wiggle back a fourth, practicing his neck stretches and rolling around on his back like an overturned turtle, in the hopes of releasing his favorite snack from the evil clutches of his white tufts, thus ending his agony.

Maltesers are ridiculous to watch even when they are standing still. Can you imagine the sight of watching a poodle struggling to lick his back? The look of confusion across his white muzzle is just priceless!

Will he ever get it? You'll just have to watch to find out!