Bear Walking On Hind Legs Crosses Paths With Morning Walker

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Published: October 18, 2016

A curious footage has emerged of a friendly bear strolling down a populated area in a search of food. This bear takes a morning stroll on two feet and walks just like a human on its hind legs. Amazing!

New Jersey resident captured a curious video of a bear strolling down Jefferson Township neighborhood. Filmmaker was walking down its suburban neighborhood before suddenly spotting a black bear casually walking on its hind legs across the road and into the woods in a populated area. Fortunately, the onlooker captured this amusing video on a cell phone, closely following bear’s moves. This video is guaranteed to sending shivers down your spine!

Reportedly, bears keep showing up in this neighborhood over and over again in search of food. Nonetheless, just the thought of spotting a grizzly bear casually strolling down your neighborhood is deeply chilling. Can you imagine bumping into a brown bear while on your morning jog? Good thing this onlooker captured the close encounter on camera, and didn’t instinctively run away!

Residents in this neighborhood are on edge after sightings of a large bear getting into trash, before disappearing into the woods. This bear sighting is definitely a concern so hopefully authorities will tackle the problem as soon as possible!

If you were to notice a large black bear strolling casually down your neighborhood, would it cross your mind to first grab the camera and start recording instead of calling 911 and walking away?

The bear is huge and it walks onto property like it owns the place. It even stops by the trash in an attempt to find something to eat. What would you have done if you were in this exact predicament. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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